Tree Root Problems

Invasive tree roots can cause expensive home plumbing problems

A great deal of damage caused to residential drainage systems can be attributed to invasive tree roots. Roots are naturally inclined to grow toward water sources—called hydrotropism—and flourish in moist areas. Over time, those tree roots can eventually compromise your pipes, which can lead not just to blockages but collapsed drains and all the other problems and expenses that can come with those issues.

When tree roots initially compromise a drain, it is imperative to deal with that problem as soon as possible. Unfortunately, clients who do not schedule regular drain cleaning are often unaware that the problem has been initiated. The roots will therefore continue to grow unchecked, which can quite quickly lead to the expensive complications mentioned earlier. EPPH Drainage has root removal experts on staff that serve East Anglia, Inner London and beyond. These specialists are available to homes and business alike and can deal with all manner of root intrusion. Our team performs high-pressure jetting and employs electromechanical techniques with specialised blades that can cut through the toughest organic matter.

EPPH Drainage also performs CCTV drain inspections. This is often necessary when diagnosing tree root problems and can also be scheduled as a proactive measure. We employ a state-of-the-art system that can traverse your drainage network and let us and you see the problems up close. Our team will also perform a survey after the removal to ensure that all aspects of the roots are gone. Not only will we survey the drain itself, we survey the area in close proximity to your drainage. Identifying problem roots now can help avoid the need to remove tree roots from pipes in the future. Customer satisfaction is essential to what we do, and we want to ensure you excellent long-term value from the service provided.

Drainage problems caused by tree and plant root result in big expenses for homeowners each year and lead to foul odours, leaks, flooding and even structure failures. We highly recommend a proactive approach, and if you have an emergency, our team is here for you. Call us today at 01473 559072, and we will dispatch a team of friendly, customer-oriented root removal experts to your home or business.