Have you experienced a drainpipe that drains slowly or not at all?

EPPH Drainage specialises in residential and commercial drain health, and we have been serving East Anglia and the neighbouring communities for a long time now. Our success has been predicated on our mission: the best possible service and complete customer satisfaction at the most competitive prices. Our company is able to deliver superior services due to the exceptional technicians we work with. All technicians are highly trained, skilled and experienced. They will arrive at your door with all of the tools and materials needed to diagnose your problem whether that is a simple blockage or something more serious.

Drainage issues can disrupt homes and businesses. When you have a problem, you need it fixed fast, which is why our technicians are available around the clock, 365 days a year. We recommend that you call us as soon as possible to avoid bigger problems and even bigger costs. No matter your location within our service area, we’ll arrive within two hours, and in most cases, we’re there in under an hour. Get the peace of mind you deserve by calling our experts at 01473 559072 right now!

The Latest Technologies for Unblocking Drains

EPPH Drainage uses the latest technologies and the most modern techniques to unblock drains and correct other drain-related issues. No drain problem is too small or too large for us, and we emphasise excellence in custom service above all else. The diagnostics we perform are comprehensive so whether your blockage issue is minor or you are experiencing fundamental issues, such as pipe damage due to tree roots, we have a complete understanding of why it happened and how to correct it. The repairs we perform are not short-term fixes. These repairs will last and provide excellent value over the long-term.

Drain blockages can occur suddenly and often at the most inconvenient times. In addition to broken pipes, the most common cause is the accumulation of lime scale, hair and other matter. While they are common, they are not necessarily simple to fix, and over-the-counter remedies can often prove to be less economical in the end and even cause more damage to pipes. Our experts will put your mind at ease and fix your problem fast at a fair price and without any damage to your plumbing system.

Unclogging Drains With a High-Pressure Water Jet

EPPH employs a wide range of state-of-the-art methods for unclogging drains, and we choose the most appropriate technique for a particular problem. The most common technique we use is high-pressure water jetting, which is appropriate for sinks, baths, toilets and even sewers. Often, we first perform an inspection using a small camera. This lets us devise an appropriate plan, quote our client a fair price, let the customer see what they are paying for and carry out the job without any damage to the pipes.

You can call the team at EPPH Drainage with complete confidence that we will restore the function of your plumbing. Our use of the most sophisticated technologies and techniques saves us money and time, and we pass those savings on to our customers. In some cases, drainage replacement may be necessary, but this is uncommon. In the event your drainage is not correctable, a specialist will work with you to determine the most practical, effective and economical way forward.