80% of vermin issues originate from drainage defects. 5% of house fires are caused by rats chewing through electrical cables. This is concerning for all of us. Luckily, we are experts in rat prevention from sewers and drains.

If you can hear rats around the pipes, toilets, under the floor, or in the roof and there are no obvious entry points around the house then it’s likely to be the drains. Here at EPPH Drainage, we can stop rats in drains from getting into your property or home.

Rats getting into your property, do you suspect through the drains or sewers? We can stop them. Guaranteed.

Professional Rodent Infestation Control

Our rodent control service typically takes place over three visits. The first visit takes about 30 to 90 minutes and involves a survey to locate all rodent access points. The time will vary based on the scope and specifics of your property, and this step is integral to effective, long-term rodent control.

The second visit involves a comprehensive proofing and prevention plan so that rats never get through the drains again. Our drain and sewer proofing service for rats and other rodents is guaranteed and often involves drain dyes, smokes and lifting equipment to spot drain defects and runs.

The final visit will involve ensuring that the implementation is effective. We will also ensure that we have earned your complete satisfaction with the work performed.